i'm a disappointment

by Qawi Kamri x Lil Thc

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[Lil Thc] (Qawi)
Fucked up, (Fucked up) i'm a fuck up (fuck up)
Kill me now, I've lost touch (I've lost touch)

Tell me i'm fucked up
I'm a disappointment
Tell me something
I don't know
I heard it all before

Heard it all before,
Just gonna ignore,
Don't know what for
You're not important

[Lil Thc]
All my friends hate me
It's driving me crazy
Thought about you lately
I don't love you baby, no
I don't love you anymore....

Am i waste of space?
Should i be replace?
Such a disgrace?
I'm hopeless case?

(Qawi) [Lil Thc]
(Fucked up), Fucked up i'm a fuck up (fuck up)
Kill me now, I've lost touch (I've lost touch)

[Lil Thc]
Why she hitting up my phone
Huh I Dont even know
Tell me I’m a fuck up
Then u dip thats the way it goes
next time imma say no
Steady counting bank rolls
Treating me like shit what the fuck do I need u for

I don't even care what you're saying
It's not even my fault that's a sad thing
I don't need this shit i'm leaving
Keep your mouth shut i ain't playing


released April 24, 2017
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Qawi Kamri Brunei

Producer/Lyricist of Four-Eyed Milk.

This is my side project.


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